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Room for Improvement is the first official mixtape from Canadian rapper Drake. It was self-released in 2006. The mixtape was originally intended for sale only and had sold 6,000 copies in 2006. In an interview with ABC, he talks about how much he has changed from Room for Improvement to So Far Gone.


In an interview with thabiz.com in February 2006, he talked about the mixtape, "It's a mix CD and I did it with DJ Smallz who does the Southern Smoke Series. He's done mix tapes with everyone. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, a lot of people and he's hosting it for me. It's called Room for Improvement. Its seventeen original tracks and a couple of remixes and stuff like that. 22 tracks in total. I have the Clipse on there, I got Trey Songz in there, I got Lupe Fiasco on there, I have Nickelus F who is this amazing artist from Virginia who I'm very very tight with and we work together a lot, we worked together. I have Voyce on there, he's a singer from Toronto. Production wise I don't really have any major producers on there. I have a song I did with Trey Songz. I have an individual by the name of Nick Rashur from Harlem he's a really cool cat. AmiR; Boi-1da did the majority of the singles, who else should I mention DJ Ra from DC, a lot of people on the CD."

The mixtape was re-released in 2009 featuring only 11 selected songs with no DJs along with a remix of "Do What You Do".

Track listing[]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Pianist Hands" (Interlude)
  3. "Special" (featuring Voyce)
  4. "Do What You Do"
  5. "Money" (Remix) (featuring Nickelus F)
  6. "AM 2 PM" (featuring Nickelus F)
  7. "City Is Mine"
  8. "Drake's Voice Mail Box #1"
  9. "Bad Meaning Good" (featuring Slakah the Beatchild)
  10. "Thrill Is Gone"
  11. "Make Things Right" (featuring Slakah the Beatchild)
  12. "Video Girl"
  13. "Drake's Voice Mail Box #2"
  14. "Come Winter"
  15. "Extra Special"
  16. "About the Game" (Remix) (featuring Trey Songz)
  17. "All This Love" (featuring Voyce)
  18. "Drake's Voice Mail Box #3"
  19. "A Scorpio's Mind" (featuring Nickelus F)
  20. "S.T.R.E.S.S." (featuring Nickelus F)
  21. "Try Harder"
  22. "Kick, Push" (Remix) (featuring Lupe Fiasco)
  23. "U.P.A." (Outro)